Introsepct是全球首款能够同时支持DP/eDP V1.4规格的协议分析仪设备并提供针对系统级debug Active Probe方案的厂商。透过DP/eDP协议分析仪可以对DP/eDP协议沟通命令进行解密,通过协议分析仪软硬件平台的设置,分析仪即能完整的抓取DP/eDP介面上,所有命令及送图的内容,支持PSR/PSR2等功能,包含所有DP/eDP协议的封包和解译封包内容,CRC, 及支持还原成完整的图片,节省大量人力及产品兼容性问题debug的时间及人为的错误发生。




The SV5C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Analyzer is an ultra-portable, high-performance instrument capable of analyzing traffic for Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort applications. The SV5C-eDP Analyzer may be used as either a DisplayPort sink device (for source testing) or as a probing solution for capturing protocol traffic on an Embedded DisplayPort bus. The Analyzer can capture live traffic, decode symbols, detect display parameters, and extract full video frames. All of these functions are integrated into the award-winning Introspect ESP Software environment. Figure 1 below illustrates a typical application of the SV5C-eDP Analyzer connected to an Embedded DisplayPort Source.



Key Features:

 Protocol: supports Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) up to v1.4 and Display Port (DP) up to v1.4

 Supported Data Rates: up to 8.1 Gbps (direct connection) and up to 5.4 Gbps (bus probing applications, with Introspect PV1 active probes)

 Lane Count: configurable from 1 to 4 lanes per port (L0 to L3) plus auxiliary channel (AUX)

 Data Capture: extensive triggering functions and consecutive frame capture capabilities

 Diagnostics: full video frame extraction including standard event and symbol tables for visual analysis and data collection