ISI-28/32/40 Loss Modeling Platform: 6-32 Gbpsec Advanced SERDES Testing - Channel Optimization – Tolerance Testing

 Reduce Spins – Improve SI Design Confidence – Identify Simple and Common Issues – Meet Schedules



• Loss from –5dB to −40dB at for 10 and 28 Gbpsec

• Keysight ADS Design Guide and Simulation Examples included. Matlab Q3 2015

• Causal/Passive high quality S-parameters included

• Superb signal integrity

• Low weave impact

• Pristine launch design

• Optional matched low skew cables available

• Optional 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, and 20dB attenuator pads available



• SERDES Receiver Tolerance Testing

• Communication Channel Optimization using DFE, FFE, CTLE, and Gain Stage Elements

• Jitter Analysis and Benchmarking

• Related Products — XTLK-28, PATHO-I (Q3 2015)