DP/EDP码型发生器(Pattern Generator)

DP/eDP Generator信号发生器:支持目前业界最新的DP2.0/eDP V1.5 的速率,支持多通道测试,是业界唯一能够同时支持从物理层至协议层功能性测试的解决方案,支持PSR/PSR2, ALPM, 抖动注入、Skew、电压幅值、时序等相关功能的测试验证




The SV5C-eDP Embedded DisplayPort Generator is an ultra-portable, high-performance instrument capable of generating traffic for Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort applications at data rates of up to 8.1 Gbps. The SV5C-eDP Generator provides analog parameter controls that enable DisplayPort receiver stress-testing and allow for deep insights into voltage and timing sensitivities of DisplayPort sink devices. The instrument operates with the award-winning Introspect ESP Software environment which includes full pattern synthesis tools for generating test patterns and video frames for system-level test.

Figure 1 below illustrates a typical application of the SV5C-eDP Generator in an Embedded DisplayPort system.

 DP/EDP码型发生器(Pattern Generator)

Key Features:

 Protocol: supports Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) up to v1.4 and Display Port (DP) up to v1.4

 Supported Data Rates: up to 8.1 Gbps with a fully continuous range of data rates

 Lane Count: configurable from 1 to 4 lanes per port plus Auxiliary Channel

 Analog Controls: voltage amplitude and common mode voltage, each per lane

 Signal Impairments: jitter injection, sinusoidal voltage noise injection, per-wire timing skew

 Pattern Generation: full video frame generation with 2 GBytes of pattern memory