TestMetrix SD/eMMC协议符合性/一致性测试解决方案

The VTE-7100 is a high performance Engineering / Compliance Tester and Protocol Analyzer that is offered in a variety of configurations. The tester can be configured with dedicated Test Adapters and associated Software Test Libraries to support the following devices:

• SD Cards & Hosts

• eMMC Chips/Cards

• UFS Cards and Hosts

• NAND Flash Memory chips

• SSD Drives

• MIPI Sensors and Displays

The VTE-7100 is offered with a user friendly MS Win10/11 compliant appli-cation program.

The VTE-7100 main screen allows the user to visualize the test script execu-tions in one window, the parameters of executed functions or graphic results of the test in a second window, and the test result messages in a third win-dow.

The test system can be also configured to perform parallel testing using mul-tiple channels, including testing Tx and Rx devices simultaneously.

TestMetrix SD/eMMC协议符合性/一致性测试解决方案