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SD/SDIO/eMMC Minipod测试附件

锐测电子提供SolidGear Minipod for SD/SDIO/eMMC.

SD/SDIO/eMMC Minipod测试附件

1. PCIE Gen4 HBA卡

SD/SDIO/eMMC Minipod测试附件

Key Features: 

• PCIe Gen4 16Gb/s External Connectivity

• High Performance with 16Gb/s PCIe Data Transfer Rates

• PLX PEX88032,B0 Switch Chip

• Quad Mini-SAS HD (SFF-8674) External Connectors

• x16 Gen4 Host Interface • x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 External Port Configurations

• Base Mode and Synthetic Mode

• Compliant with PCI SIG External Cabling Revision 4.0, Version 0.3

• Heartbeat LEDs

• HHHL PCIe CEM Form Factor

• Active Optical Cable Support

Key Advantages: 

• External UART with CLI • FW Upgradeable

• Supports CMI PCI SIG Messaging Between Upstream and Downstream Ports

• Software Configurable Sideband Signals – PCI SIG Compliant – 100Mhz Differential PCIe Reference Clock – Downstream PCIe Resets

• Downstream Port Containment (DPC) and eDPC

• 100% Passive Cooling (No Active Fans Required)

• PCIe Clocking Options – SRIS/SRNS, NON-SRIS, Common-Clocking