Introsoect SV7M-LPDDR5PA LPDDR5协议分析仪是全球首款用来验证和调试LPDDR5内存接口的分析仪解决方案。该分析仪支持LPDDR5 DRAM的1个通道,能够捕获读写命令,并且能够对LPDDR5总线上的所有协议事件及数据封包进行深入分析。结合Introspect独有的Romote Sampling Hend(RSH)解决方案,SV7M-LPDDR5PA非常适合测量以8533 Mbps速度运行的最新的LPDDR5组件。


The SV7M-LPDDR5PA LPDDR5 Protocol Analyzer is a solution for validating and debugging LPDDR5 memory interfaces. Providing support for 1 channel of a LPDDR5 DRAM, this analyzer is able to capture read and write commands, and it is able to provide deep analysis of all protocol events on the LPDDR5 bus. Coupled with a Remote Sampling Head (RSH) solution, the SV7M-LPDDR5PA is ideal for measuring new LPDDR5 components running at 8533 Mbps. This document introduces the analyzer and illustrates the usage of the Remote Sampling Heads.